• Urzi Psychology, a thriving clinical practice on the Gold Coast has become a  preferred NDIS provider of therapeutic and core supports for plan managed and self-managed participants.
  • Offering highly skilled, friendly psychosocial support workers, hand-selected to empower the participant to achieve their goals. You can rest assured that each participant is receiving the highest level of care and support.
  • Each support worker is clinically supervised by the principal psychologist of Urzi Psychology, Dino Urzi, who is a warm and compassionate clinical psychologist offering clients a diverse range of treatment methodologies.
  • The focus of the psychosocial support is recovery-oriented and person-focused and sees support workers applying evidence-based practices and personalised approaches tailored to address the specific support requirements of the participants and agencies. 
  • Urzi Psychology also boasts a dedicated practice manager with qualifications in Human Resource Management who is responsible for liaising with participants, support workers and agencies. 

“I did not have one participant that proved to be too difficult for Dino, rather I was witness to many transformational effects a strong therapeutic alliance had, leading to continued meaningful engagement and collaborative partnerships that assisted in achieving the best outcomes for the participant’s mental health and wellbeing”
Fiona Fox- Support Facilitator Partners in Recovery 1 June 2019