Sometimes you can work through problems yourself or with the help of family and friends. But sometimes you may need someone with special training and skills to support you – a professional you can trust and rely on. When this happens, you may need to reach out to a licensed psychologist.

Psychologists have years of professional training and clinical skills to help individuals to cope and function more effectively in their everyday lives. Psychologists help their clients by using a variety of techniques and strategies which are based on the most current research.
Each client’s treatment is carefully formulated to his/her individual needs, taking into consideration each person’s unique values, personal characteristics, goals, and circumstances.

A psychologist can help with a range of mental health problems, from short-term difficulties such as burnout and stress, to long-term difficulties such as chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes) or a specific mental health diagnosis (e. g., depression, anxiety).

Psychologist Dino Urzi, prides himself on providing clients with evidence based treatment methods. Dino is constantly updating his knowledge and skills, through training, education, and active research. In addition to this, Dino incorporates a multi-dimensional approach to his client work. Specifically, each treatment is carefully formulated for each individual client and incorporates both mind and body strategies, which aim to not only remove distressing symptoms, but empower our clients to achieve a life worth living.

Dino Urzi is a qualified psychologist and published author, specialising in the treatment of adolescents, young adults and older adults. Dino Urzi is registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Dino Urzi is the director and principal psychologist of the Urzi Psychology Trust.

Dino Urzi is a Psychologist at Varsity Lakes, Dino Urzi is a Psychologist at Varsity Lakes in Queensland, Urzi Psychology is in Varsity Lakes, Queensland

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