The Earthing Project

Set amongst the Gold Coast Hinterland in Tamborine Mountain our 1.6-acre farm, The Earthing Project is Urzi Psychology’s signature offering. Applicants are hand picked to participate in a holistic wellness program which draws on the serene setting and implements paddock to plate philosophies. This is an unrivalled opportunity not to be missed and is an exciting therapy option for participants on their journey to mental wellbeing and recovery.

The importance of The Earthing Project in the current climate can’t be dismissed. Social interaction is now more important than ever. We live in a world which has become accustomed to isolation. The Earthing Project helps remind participants of the value of being connected, together, breaking bread.

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The Farm Program

Consisting of three different therapy options this is mental wellness taken to the next level. There is something to be said for the healing powers of the outdoors and our applicants will get their hands dirty and feel better at the same time.

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Art Therapy

Overseen by a qualified therapist in the field of art, our participants will enjoy the calming nature that is Painting, sculpting, moulding different art mediums. Whether it is just creative expression or processing of pain and trauma through art, participants will be well supported, encouraged, and guided through the process. 


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Music Therapy

Creating a mind-body awareness is the aim of this therapeutic modality. Participants will be guided through a series of very gentle, restorative mindful body movements. This will suit all abilities and the emphasis is not on strenuous activity but rather, calm, gentle movement as a tool to reconnect the mind and body


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Horticulture Therapy

This is where our participants get their hands dirty as they discover the importance of sustainable living and the positive impact it can have on mental health. With garden beds, fruit trees and a greenhouse, our horticulture therapy sessions are overseen by a qualified therapist who is also a horticulturist.



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What our clients say about us

Horticultural Therapy

The Farm Program consists of three different therapy options, Art, Music and Plant therapy. The Plant Therapy was created to introduce and educate our clients about the importance of sustainable living and the impact these actions can have on their mental health. With a greenhouse, many fruit trees and garden beds our clients can get their hands dirty, learn some important values and inspire other people to do the same. There are also music and art sessions available for the participants with each program being overseen by a qualified therapist in that field.

Plant Based Cooking Program

This is farm to plate at its best. Run by a professional plant-based chef, the cooking class is a fully interactive cooking workshop for our clients. All the recipes are chosen and inspired by the clients, they choose the meals they would like to learn to cook and eat. Hosted at a long table so no one feels left out The Chef will lead the class and ask volunteers to join them in preparing the meal. Participants are encouraged to create their own recipe journal from the recipes and food they have created, taking photos of their creations along the way. These classes help have never been more important in the current climate of intermittent forced isolation. Helping to bring people together in social groups to build relationships in a therapeutically controlled environment can only have positive returns for our clients. 

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