Music For Wellbeing

NDIS Group Therapy

NDIS Participants are Invited to Attend our Music Groups

Urzi Psychology invites NDIS participants to attend our music groups as part of the Earthing Project held on our Mount Tamborine farm.

Participants can enjoy morning tea and a stroll amongst the abundant flora and fauna allowing us to get better acquainted with each other and energise our spirit.

Nestled beside the fire, our group therapy can benefit both spectators and participants as we are supported by our musically talented guide, who reminds us how much beauty, peace and mindfulness the earthing project brings to our day, our weeks and our life.

This exploration of consciousness is encouraged through a group songwriting process and if you so choose, singing can be quite a liberating and uplifting experience.

Whether during the activity or while enjoying a nutritious lunch, this can be an opportune time to unpack the enjoyment and challenges you experienced when exploring your creative talents.

To take part in Urzi Psychology’s Earthing Project is a special experience reserved only for NDIS participants.

What is Music For Wellbeing?

Music has been known to help individuals with various needs and challenges.

By tapping into the unique qualities of music, such as rhythm, melody, harmony, and lyrics, music therapists engage individuals in therapeutic experiences.

At Urzi Psychology, our music teachers takes the group on a playful and uplifting journey through music through song and use of instruments.

Gathered beside the fire the group therapist will guide the everyone through collective songwriting and instruments such as guitar, ukulele, hand drum, bongo and piano to encourage self-expression, emotional release, and personal growth.

Whether engaging in the musical activity or savoring a nourishing lunch, this becomes an opportune moment to reflect on the enjoyment and challenges encountered during your creative exploration. 

We value the opportunity to unpack and discuss these experiences, providing a supportive environment for you to express yourself and gain valuable insights.

Please note that Urzi Psychology’s Earthing Project Farm Program is a special experience exclusively reserved for NDIS participants. 

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