Horticulture Therapy

Urzi Psychology welcomes NDIS participants to attend group therapy with a difference, we call it The Earthing Project.

Urzi’s horticulture therapy is designed to enrich your body through the energetic powers of Mt Tamborine’s volcanic soil and the food and flowers which it produces.

Arriving at the farm, you’re greeted by our friendly team who make time for morning tea, and coffee, unwinding before the day begins.

To inspire our creativity, we take in the farm’s surroundings and experience the abundance of flora and fauna before our horticulture work begins.

Our Horticulture therapy will employ you to understand the plants you choose to use in your gardening activities which help achieve the specific therapeutic goal of designing and planting your own garden.

Experiencing true nourishment from our efforts is received when we get to taste the produce which our gardens produce, both in the garden and at the table.

To take part in Urzi Psychology’s Earthing Project is a special experience reserved only for NDIS participants.

NDIS Participant and Support Coordinator
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