Fees & Rebates


Standard and High Intensity Level 1

High Intensity Level 2



Assistance with self-care activities and/or:

Assistance to access community, social and recreational activities

Monday to Friday$65.47 per hour$70.85 per hour 

Monday to Friday


$68.50 per hour$74.14 per hour 
Saturday$92.12 per hour$99.69 per hour 
Sunday$118.78 per hour$128.54 per hour 
Public Holiday Rate$145.44 per hour$157.39 per hour 
Capacity Building servicesAssessment Recommendation Therapy And/or Training (Incl. AT) – Psychology$214.41 per hour$214.41 per hour 
Therapy Assistant Level 1 (Mon-Friday only)$56.16 per hour$86.79 per hour 
Therapy Assistant Level 2$86.79 per hour$86.79 per hour 
Participant TransportCost per km$1.00 per km$1.00 per km 
Provider TravelRefer to Support CatalogueZones 1-3: Up to 30 minutesZones 1-3: Up to 30 minutes 
Individual Counselling – Therapeutic Supports $156.16 per hour  
Establishment Fee*Applies to clients with over 20 hours of support per month$621.70 Once off charge