Jump Starter

NDIS Application Support

Update on Jump Starter Program (NDIS application support)
Intake reopening January 2024

Due to an overwhelming demand for our Jump Starter program (NDIS application support), we have closed all further intakes until January 2024.

Please see the FAQs and steps to take in the interim below.

What happens with waitlisted clients?

All clients that have been placed on our waitlist until 13th March 2023, will have the chance to get advice and/or practical support with their NDIS application if they meet the NDIS eligibility criteria. We will reach out to any waitlisted clients when we have capacity.

Why are you closing intake until January 2024?

The Jump Starter program was created in May 2022 and has since run through several stages of development.

Due to the great demand for the program and the feedback we have received thus far, we are taking the time to implement more efficient and effective processes to improve the quality of support we provide for our clients.

Creating a sustainable program is important so we can continue serving the community.

I need support – How can I progress with my NDIS application in the meantime?

Here are some steps you can take in the interim to assist the Jump Starter team in processing your application in a swift and timely manner when intake reopens. These are:

  • Get information about what support NDIS can provide for eligible persons and if the NDIS is the right support scheme for you.
  • If you are after a diagnosis, book an appointment with your regular GP to request a letter outlining the specific reason for the referral to the program (incl. experienced symptoms).
  • Collect and collate all historical data including psychiatric or psychological reports and/or assessments which outline your diagnosis (incl. year) and any treatments you have trialled (i.e. medication, therapies for your condition) including the outcome of the therapy (effective, partially effective, not effective).
  • If you want to start on the NDIS application process asap, please also consider the following two headings (see below).

What evidence do I need to provide to meet the eligibility criteria for the NDIS?

Besides age and residency requirements, the NDIS will test your eligibility by reviewing your supporting evidence, and they will look for:

  • A formal diagnosis (made by a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist).
  • If all available treatment options for your condition have been explored and none of them has substantially reduced the functional impact your condition has on your everyday life.
  • How significantly your condition impacts your functioning in everyday life in, at least, one or more of the following areas: mobility, learning, communication, social interaction, self-care, and self-management?

Please find more information here: www.ndis.gov.au

Who else can assist me?

The Local Area Coordinator (LAC) is your partner in the community for anything regarding NDIS and advice about connecting with other services in the community.

The LAC can help determine your eligibility for NDIS support and what evidence you need to provide.

You can find your nearest Local Area Coordinator by entering your postcode on the following website:

www.ndis.gov.au/contact/locations or call 1800 800 110 to find out.