What is STA?

STA is one of the most helpful aspects of an NDIS plan, but newcomers may be confused about what it actually involves. Here’s a brief explanation.

STA and Respite Care

STA (previously known as ‘respite care’) stands for Short term Accommodation. It’s included in the NDIS in order to give participants, their regular carers, and their informal support network a break. 

It allows the participant to enjoy a holiday away from their usual home, during which they can relax, try new activities, make friends, develop skills, and explore the world around them. The accommodation, personal care, food, and activities are funded wholly by the NDIS. There are no out-of-pocket expenses demanded of the participant themselves. 

How Much STA is Covered by the NDIS?

The NDIS covers up to 28 days of STA per year. This can be used flexibly, though no single stay may exceed 14 days. Some choose to use their STA in week-long blocks, while others use it for one weekend a month. It’s entirely up to the participant. 

It’s important to note that funding is typically provided by the NDIS at a group rate, meaning the participant may have to share supports with other guests. This is excused when the participant’s disability requires they receive individual care.

Is STA automatically included in all NDIS plans?

Not automatically. For STA funding to be included in an NDIS plan, it needs to be requested during the planning meeting or the plan review.

The level of funding that’s ultimately offered by the NDIS will vary considerably based on the participant, their needs, and the impact of caring on their informal support network. Those requiring the most support receive the greatest STA funding.

In order to obtain the maximum possible, it’s recommended that participants consult with Urzi Psychology. Using tools such as psychometric assessments, our clinical psychologists can recognise areas where further assistance is recommended, equipping participants with highly-regarded evidence to support a claim of greater funding.

Can I Use STA alone?

For STA to be deemed reasonable and necessary, you must need the care of a support worker. They will be available to you throughout your stay.

Do Support Workers and Participants Have To Stay in the Same Room?

No. Adult NDIS participants in STA do not usually share a room with their support worker.

Can a Participant Bring Their Family and Friends?

Short term accommodation is not provided for family and friends because the NDIS is not in place to benefit them directly. They can, however, choose to visit the participant at their own expense.

Where Can You Stay During STA?

Numerous dedicated NDIS care facilities around Australia cater for STA, as do big-name hotel chains such as Peppers, Oaks, Mantra, Adina, and more.

How Do I Find and Book STA?

The best way to locate and book quality STA is through a registered NDIS service provider such as Urzi Psychology.

Based in South-East Queensland, our dedicated and experienced team is capable of organising accommodation for clients ranging from Byron Bay all the way up to the Sunshine Coast. This includes organising, booking, and paying for your accommodation up front. We take the stress and hassle out of going away so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

In addition to this, Urzi Psychology boasts a team of highly-skilled staff who can support you on your respite stay, ensuring you’re well looked after and leave feeling rejuvenated. All our support workers are backed by a 24/7 clinical supervision network, who provide guidance and assistance for working with those of more complex needs. 

For more information about STA and respite care, reach out to Urzi Psychology online, or by phoning 0477 884 908.

Interested in Something Else?

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