Daily Practices to Improve Mental Health

There isn’t one single thing that leads to optimal mental health, but incorporating these positive practices into your routine can make a real difference to your mindset and general wellbeing.

What is STA?

What is STA? STA is one of the most helpful aspects of an NDIS plan, but newcomers may be confused about what it actually involves. Here’s a brief explanation. STA and Respite Care STA (previously known as ‘respite care’) stands for Short term Accommodation. It’s included in the NDIS in order to give participants, their […]

Psychometric Assessment for NDIS Participants

Psychometric Assessment for NDIS Participants Those interested in participating in the NDIS have probably come across the term ‘psychometric assessment’. It can be a valuable tool when it comes to getting the most out of your plan, but what is it exactly?  What is a Psychometric Assessment? Psychometric assessments are the tests used by psychologists […]

How do I get More Funding from the NDIS?

How do I get More Funding from the NDIS? NDIS participants commonly wonder how they can receive the greatest funding for their plan. To address this, we need to explore how funds are allocated by the NDIS, and the tools that can help bolster a claim for additional resources. How the NDIS Allocates Plan Funding […]

Gold Coast NDIS Support Workers

Support workers can have a huge impact on the life of NDIS participants, but finding the right one is tricky. That’s where Urzi Psychology comes in.

How to Find a Psychologist Now

How to Find a Psychologist Now The amount of yearly psychology sessions covered by Medicare was recently halved, despite demand remaining above pre-pandemic levels. The change is already having a significant impact on those seeking mental health services, with the number of subsidised sessions falling well short of what’s needed to treat a raft of […]