Gold Coast NDIS Support Workers

Support workers can have a huge impact on the life of NDIS participants, but finding the right one is tricky. That’s where Urzi Psychology comes in. We take the time to get to know participants’ wants, needs, and goals, before matching them with a support worker who helps get the most out of their NDIS plan.

What is a Support Worker?

Support workers assist with all manner of day-to-day tasks, including cooking, cleaning, attending appointments, using technology, and just about anything the participant may find difficult. By building capacity in these areas, they promote confidence and independence.

They’re more than just a helper, though. They’re someone who can be relied upon and spoken openly with. They treat participants with respect at all times, allowing them to make their own decisions and live the life they truly want. 

What Makes Urzi Psychology's Support Workers Unique?

Urzi Psychology offers support workers with a difference. All of our friendly staff have formal training or lived experience, and bring a wealth of knowledge to their roles.

Each member of the team is backed by a 24/7 clinical supervision network, who provide guidance and assistance for working with those of more complex needs. Participants get the benefit of not just the support worker, but also the clinical professionals behind the worker. 

Urzi Psychology was founded by Dino Urzi, a clinical psychologist who has become renowned for his unique approach to therapy throughout a seven year tenure. The team at Urzi Psychology embody all of the same values with which Dino is now synonymous, namely reliability, person-centredness, compassion, transparency and effective communication. 

This sits in stark contrast to less-than-reputable NDIS support workers. Unfortunately, the NDIS space is still largely unregulated, meaning participants and their plans can be taken advantage of by unethical, immoral, and unaccountable providers. 

As an NDIS registered provider, Urzi Psychology offers honest, genuine care. We’re regularly audited to ensure that all services meet the expectations of the quality and safeguards commission.

The Earthing Project

Along with unparalleled service, our support workers provide access to something no others can – The Earthing Project. It’s a holistic program that encourages community, health, and mental wellbeing through three distinct practices: Art Therapy, Music Therapy, and Horticulture Therapy. 

Overseen by a qualified therapist in the field of art, Art Therapy sees participants enjoy the calming mediums that are painting, sculpting, and moulding. Whether it is just creative expression, or processing of pain and trauma, participants will be well supported and encouraged through all stages of the process. 

Creating a mind-body awareness is the aim of our Music Therapy. In this practice, participants are guided through a series of restorative movements to reconnect the mind and body. Calm and gentle, it is suitable for people of all abilities. Participants are also given the opportunity to write and present their own song, if they so choose.

Horticulture Therapy is where our participants get their hands dirty and discover the positive impact sustainable living can have on mental health. With garden beds, fruit trees and a greenhouse, our horticulture therapy sessions are overseen by a qualified therapist and horticulturist. 

Get In Touch With Urzi Psychology

Our wealth of experience, dedicated clinical support team, and unique Earthing Project program are just some of the points of difference that have allowed Urzi Psychology to become the leading provider of NDIS support workers on the Gold Coast.

With little to no wait times, we can connect participants to an affordable psychologist or counsellor. If you are, or are representing, an NDIS participant in need of mental health support, complete an intake form online.

If you need help applying for the NDIS, visit our Jump Starter NDIS application support service. An Urzi Psychology representative will be in touch to get the process started.